IoT system for the control of people and vehicles in open spaces

S-Paces is an advanced technological solution for the control of agglomerations in open spaces. It is a very flexible solution designed for large spaces such as event venues, parks, public roads, green areas, natural spaces, beaches or shopping centers

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S-PACES allows complete control of the time of use of space

Its main application is the control of entrances and exits of the place, in addition, taking advantage of the 60 meters of diameter of action that provides the device, it is possible to control the traffic in the most critical points.

After the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to have control over the number of people in a given place in order to ensure their safety and prevent contagion.

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A flexible and scalable solution

The data obtained generates a series of KPIs (key indicators) that allow to know the use of the spaces, peak hours, alerts in case the established capacity is exceeded, or the transit outside the allowed hours. In addition, it is possible to generate statistical indicators through advanced analytics.

S-Paces is presented as a very flexible and scalable alternative to other counting technologies that are less adaptable to open spaces. It is easily installed outdoors, establishing wireless communication between the device and the cloud platform.

Simple installation

The device is installed in a simple way in the place we want to control.

Adaptable and flexible

Only a power supply and a network socket or a SIM card with mobile data is needed.

Real-time information

Thanks to the signals received by the intelligent devices, the number of people and vehicles in the place can be visualized in real time.

Downloading reports

It is possible to download the occupancy reports for a period of time and also receive warnings if a certain capacity is exceeded.

Control de moldes

How S-PACES works

S-paces is capable of detecting intelligent devices nearby that have Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity, without the need for user interaction. The device counting allows the distinction between vehicles and people, data that will be visualized in the platform customized for each user through Microsoft Azure. The use of this device complies with the legislation on GDPR.

The data of people and vehicles flow are directly visible in a web platform optimized for its use from the mobile or tablet. This platform is simple and intuitive, and allows to download complete reports of a period of time and receive alerts in case of danger

Libelium technology

S-paces uses Libelium technology, and is composed of a single sensor, called Meshlium Scanner. The sensor detects the WiFi and Bluetooth signals generated by the mobile devices of people and vehicles. This technology allows to control the capacity in open and closed spaces, to know the movements produced in a transit space and to predict agglomerations thanks to its alarm system.



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